professional drone camera services

Multispectral payloads operated by drone controllers with over 30 years of remote piloting experience allow RAZAR to conduct detailed asset inspections to suit a range of industries.

In addition RAZAR is one of the few operators with a night flight capability, ideal for nocturnal wildlife inspections.

professional drone for aerial photography
Geophysical Survey

For geophysical survey applications RAZAR utilises a Magnetometer payload deployed via our Matrice 210 Multirotor platform.


This combination is ideal for small to medium scale non- intrusive general purpose surveys, science related magnetic cartographies and exploration studies on hidden minerals.

aerial photography and videography using drones
Aerial Photography and Video

RAZAR operates a fleet of drones that can conduct high quality interior and exterior video and still photography services.

Ideal for real estate photography, roofing and gutter inspections, tree inspections and general aerial image capture.



RAZAR’s Chief Remote Pilot, Robert Zarebski has over 30 years experience flying and building Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). Prior to the advent of modern drone/UAV technology Rob was building and flying complex model aircraft to an internationally recognised competition level standard (flight experience >1500hrs).

Rob plans and pilot’s all RAZAR flights personally and is able to meet any pre-mobilisation induction and fitness for work requirements that may be required by your organisation.

For specialist asset inspections and survey tasks RAZAR works closely with experienced resource industry Aviation Specialists to ensure each campaign is conducted in accordance with industry specific aviation standards and risk management expectations..



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